Photo by Teresa Castracane

On Anne of the Thousand Days...

“Lizzi Albert plays Anne as shrewd and wily as Ron Heneghen plays Henry.”

-J. Wynn Rousuck, WYPR

Lizzi Albert makes an appealing Anne, especially in the flirtatious scene early on with Lord Percy and, later, at the moment when the bond with Henry suddenly strikes Anne as genuine. Albert handles Anne's temper tantrums quite convincingly, too.

-Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

When we first encounter Anne (a splendid Lizzi Albert)…

-Jack L. B. Gohn, Broadway World

The ensemble does not shy away from either the outright, vicious sexism of Henry (Ron Heneghan) or the uncompromising daring of Anne (Lizzi Albert)… There’s a kind of unrepentant nihilism in Albert’s portrayal, as if she has decided, once genuine Percy is gone, that she may as well throw herself full bore into the social-climbing, backstabbing world of the English court.  She fights cleverly, boldly, and expressively for everything she can get.

-Brett Steven Abelman, DCTS

Lizzi Albert [gives] a first-rate performance...Albert ably portrays Anne’s strength and defiance in relation to Henry, as well as the soft and playful side that she – still quite a young woman – lets show in the company of her court. Albert’s physical acting [is] also spot on. From the comfortable joy she expresses with Lord Percy Northumberland and her lithe dancing with friends to the stiff, angry posture she displays with Henry, Albert’s body reveals her character’s feelings."

-Patricia Mitchell, DCMTA


On H5x7...

Albert is affable as the Chorus and hilarious as Nym, mixing her metaphors, picking fights and running away from battles…Her physical comedy shines through.”

-Stephanie House, Maryland Theater Guide

On Collected Stories...

Sometimes less is more—like when only two actresses take the stage and expertly convey a complicated, yet relatable, relationship filled with both mutual admiration and envy. …Struve and Albert['s]...likability makes their eventual rift difficult to bear..They hold the stage, anchoring the weight of their words with genuine feeling that hooks you.

- Kelly McCorkendale, DCTS

Lisa Morrison (played by a skilled Lizzi Albert) a breathless, initially WASPY Valley-Girl speaking though Princeton graduate,  over-eager, quite promising, seemingly needy young grad student wanting to make her way into the New York writer’s world….With the acting skills of Struve and Albert, Collected Stories is refined and burnished, rather than a noisy, cheap melodrama. ”

-David Siegel, DCMTA

On Wild Oats...

Lizzi Albert is a frothy delight as Lady Amaranth, object of the rogue Jack Rover’s affection. She conveys the big-hearted lady of the manor with grace and excellence. ...Her presence brightens every scene.

-Timothy David Copney, DCMTA

On Never Never...

...Her friend Amy (Lizzi Albert, oozing with charm) joins the two of them and Kyle for Thanksgiving dinner. 

-Rachel Kurzius, Washington City Paper

Albert employs an engaging persona and good comic timing to turn what could have been a caricature into a warm, living person.

-Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Scene 

Lizzi Albert [is] maniacally sassy, witty and pure fun, particularly when she comes on stage at her job as a sex-hotline operator. ...An eye-grabbing commanding force on stage.

-Karim Doumar, DCMTA

On The Importance of Being Earnest...

Lizzi Albert is everything one could want in a Cecily Cardew.

-John Harding, DCMTA

Albert makes a thoroughly disarming Cecily.

-Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

...Cecily Cardew (a picture perfect Lizzi Albert)...

-Lynne Menefee, Maryland Theater Guide